A Letter from the pastor:

Dear Church Family,
We had a wonderful start to our Wednesday Family Night Emphasis this week. The fellowship was sweet and the meal was delicious. I hope you will join us in the weeks ahead! (The menu for next week is elsewhere in this newsletter.) We have options for everyone from nursery to senior adults. In addition to all the other options, I am leading sessions at present on "Sharing Jesus, without freaking out". This time will encourage and equip you to share your faith the way we were meant to do it. We will learn to speak God into the lives of people at the points of what they are passionate about or what pain they may be experiencing in their lives at the moment. All ages welcome. 
We are in a new series on Sunday mornings where we are learning about kingdom living in the here and now. The messages will center around the Sermon on the Mount and it's timeless insights. See you with Bible in hand!

Seek God, Serve Others, Share Christ