A Letter from the pastor:

Dear Church Family,

God continues to demonstrate His faithfulness to us in significant ways. We have baptized 5 over the past few weeks with more to come. We are expecting some other additions to our church family this Sunday with, again, more to come. God has provided the resources as we move forward with renovations on the second floor behind the sanctuary. The new handicap parking is almost complete and the upgrade to the south parking lot will begin soon. We will be obtaining information on inclosing the breezeway and bringing this info to the church in the near future. This will make transition from the education building easier by keeping our people out of the weather and will also help make our facilities safer.


Speaking of safety, our safety team is in the process of being organized and trained to respond to emergency situation. I am grateful for the diligence of Lou Daniels and Mark Collier in this endeavor.


We are beginning a new children's program this fall as well. You will be hearing more about AWANA in the days ahead, but for now please include this ministry in your prayers. Also, pray God would continue to bless our worship ministry as He has been doing under John Martineau's leadership. What a blessing the worship has been to me! In addition, I believe God may be calling  a few of you to work with our youth. Contact Dylan to find out how you can help.


Finally, let's all be praying for Invite Your One on September, 16. Invite them to church. Invite them to Bible Study. Invite them to ride with you. Take them to lunch afterward. Let us use this opportunity to be involved in their lives and show the love of Christ moving forward.


Seeking, Serving, and Sharing,



Seek God, Serve Others, Share Christ