A Letter from the pastor:

Dear Church,


Have I expressed lately how grateful I am to be your Pastor? God is blessing His church by honoring your faithfulness. I want to encourage you to carry forward the spirit of our "Invite your one" day. We had several visitors Sunday and others of you shared with me that your "one" wasn't able to be there but that you were going to continue to invite them in the days ahead. Yes! Let's make every Sunday invite your one Sunday!


I am excited for the 3 men you selected to be a part of the deacon team. Jerry Hatcher, Will Leonard, and Tony Read will serve for the next 3 years in our deacon ministry. Please keep these men along with all our deacons in your prayers. Tony and Will are first time deacons so we have the privilege of ordaining them. The ordination council will be September 30th at 4pm in the conference room and the Ordination Service will be October 10th at 6pm in the sanctuary. I trust you will join us to show your support of these men.


Finally, I am excited to have one of mine and Robbie's friends from seminary here this Sunday to preach to us. Jess Jennings and his wife Wendy are missionaries in the Philippines and are in the states on furlough. You will be blessed by their presence with us so I look forward to seeing you Sunday with Bible in hand!


Be blessed,



Seek God, Serve Others, Share Christ