Behind the scenes

It's been called the modern day version of the Audio/Video club!

The people behind the scenes who make sure what you see and hear is at its best!

  • Darrel Taylor Jr.

    Sound Engineer

    • Favorite Bible verse- 1st Thessalonians 5:16-18
    • Profession- Middle school Principal
    • Hobbies -Hunting, Fishing, Sports
    • Favorite team- Florida State
    • Something you may not know about me. "I like to Cook"
  • Diane Hatcher

    Video Presentation

    • Current job- Layne Family Dentistry
    • Favorite Bible Verse -Proverbs 3: 5-6
    • Hobbies- Fishing, Horseback riding,  Crafting
    • Favorite Team- Florida Gators
    • Something interesting about me?- " Most days I meet myself  coming and going."
  • Terri Stewart

    Video Presentation

    • Favorite scripture Prov. 3:5-6, 17:22, 4:13
    • Born in Ft. Worth Texas
    • Favorite thing about Blountstown-People come together in troubled times
    • Hobbies-Softball, TV
    • Favorite movie-The sound of music
    • Favorite sports teams -FSU Seminoles and Texas Longhorns
    • Something interesting about you~ During High school spring break I worked at The Masters, Augusta Ga.
  • Colton Purvis

    Video Presentation

    • Favorite bible History- Saul's transformation to Paul. It shows that the seemingly impossible is possible with God.
    • Student at Chipola Jr. College
    • Hobbies- Hunting, fishing , sports, swimming, singing
    • Favorite movies- Rambo, John Wayne
    • Favorite sports team- Florida Gators
    • An interesting story about you. An owl once grabbed a fish from my hand as I was about to clean it.
  • Jim Hall

    Video Production



    • Favorite Bible -verse Mark 16:15
    • Profession-   Service Representative
    • Hobbies- Woodworking, Being a Dad
    • Favorite team- Florida Gators
    • Favorite movie- Tombstone, Favorite Tv show How it's made

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