On stage at Fbc

FBC Blountstown is blessed with so many talented singers and musicians. 

Their styles of music are as varied and unique as the members themselves.

Praise and Worship, Classical, Baptist Standards and Southern Gospel are just some of what you may hear at any FBC Event!

  • Traci Hall


    • Favorite Bible verse: Psalms 37:4
    • Hobbies,-Running, Reading, Baking and watching Movies
    • Favorite Foods- Steak or Pizza
    • Current occupation- Blountstown City Manager and Finance Director
    • Past Jobs- Bank Teller, Nursing Home Office staff, Taught piano for 25 Years
    • Favorite college team- FloridaGators
    • Whats your favorite thing about Blountstown/Calhoun County-Great place to raise a family. Small, Hometown Feel. People still Help their neighbors.
  • Howard Johnson Jr.

    Keyboards, Organist, Hand Bell Director

    • Favorite Bible verse : Isaiah 6 1-5
    • Favorite Bible Charater : Moses
    • Hobbies : Horse back riding, Spending time on the river, Antiques
    • Favorite food : Beef
    • Favorite Tv : The BBC Channel
    • Favorite thing about Blountstown/ Calhoun County : It's Rivers and it's History
    • Favorite College Team: " It depends on who I'm with"
    • What is something interesting about you? Has a degree in Mortuary science
  • Ben Collier


    • Firefighter
    • Favorite Tv/Movies- Burn, Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Hobbies-Hunting, Fishing, Woodworking
    • Favorite  Foods- Steak and Seafood
    • Favorite Team- The Gators
  • Jessica Barber

    Praise  Team

    • Favorite Bible Verse - Romans 8:38-39   Exodus 15:2
    • Receptionist, chiropractic asst.
    • Favorite Food -Spaghetti
    • Hobbies  Sleeping- Decorating/Pinterest
    • Favorite Team- Florida State
    • Favorite thing about Blountstown- "We are one big family. If anyone is ever in need the whole town comes together and offers support.''

  • Ben Hall

    Praise Team

    • Favorite Bible verse - Psalms 119:153-155
    • Blountstown Fire Chief and Asst. Cross country coach at BHS
    • Hobbies- Photography, running, Silver level Marathon Maniac
    • Adventurous Eater- Favorite  food is Fried Lion Fish
    • Fun Fact- I've run more than one race in a kilt or rainbo animal print tights and wig

  • Barbara Collier

    Praise Team

    • Favorite Bible verse- Micha 6:8
    • Hobbies Cooking- especially baking, reading
    • Favorite Music -Anything by Selah
    • Favorite team -" There is only one, Go Gators!"
    • Favorite thing about the Community-  It has some really colorful citizens. That's often pretty amusing
  • Mark Collier

    Praise Team

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